VIP Memberships

Customers are responsible for cancelling their memberships. By purchasing a VIP Membership you are agreeing to recurring charge.

We cannot refund VIP Membership recurring charges after they have been billed. The customer must cancel their membership by logging into their account. For more information on canceling your membership read the instructions below.

We apologize, but we are not able to give refunds. Once an order is placed, your contest entries are automatically and immediately submitted to our sweepstakes company. We cannot tamper with the entries for the Fantasy Car Giveaway.


Customers who create chargebacks towards the Fantasy Car Giveaway will be disqualified from the current giveaway, banned from future giveaways and blocked from purchasing from ZeroSixty.

Cancel or modify your membership

To cancel your VIP Membership, log into your account here. If you don't have an account you can create one. On the right hand side under your name click "Subscriptions". From this page you can pause, upgrade, downgrade and cancel your subscription.