Basic Combo



If you've purchased detailing combos from other giveaways, we're sorry. Most of them sell low-quality and watered-down products. Get professional-grade detailing products and professional results.

Show Shine detail spray

A special high-lubricity formula that actually encapsulates dust particles and enhances a deep luster without using water. An innovative product that removes surface dust, fingerprints and smudges from showroom vehicles while leaving a clean glossy finish. Easy to use. Spray on and just wipe off.

Vanish is window magic

It is streak-free, ammonia-free, VOC compliant, and safe to use on tinted windows. Vanish sprays like water, there is no foam and no harsh smell. Just spray and wipe and watch dirt, grease, water spots, smudges, and just about anything disappear. Vanish features optical clarity technology which provides the user with a perfect vision on the road which increases safety.